Fruits and Vegetables Supplier in the Philippines

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Fruits and Vegetables Supplier in the Philippines

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You want to stay young and healthy? Of course, you know age is catching up with you.

We have a solution for you.

Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of any meal presented on a table. It is simple; there is no perfect meal without the inclusion of fruits and vegetables.

Whether you love them raw or cooked, you still gain the health benefits of fresh, tasty, and the healthiest vegetables and fruits we have.

Based on Department of Agriculture research, you should include half of your plate with fruits and vegetables during meals.

But you may ask yourself;

Why Should I Include Vegetables and Fruits in My Meals?

Did you know that you can avoid most health conditions by including this delicacy in your meals? Conditions such as; stroke, heart diseases, blood pressure, and some form of cancers. There is a close relationship with the lack or low inclusion of fruits and vegetables.

Apart from helping you escape the above health conditions, they play essential roles in your body.

These include;

  • A source of minerals and vitamins to your body. Fruits and vegetables provide a natural source of vitamins such as; vitamins A, C, and E. Other minerals include; phosphorus, zinc, and folic acid.
  • Fruits and vegetables are perfect for your health. The sugar, salt, and fat levels are low; they help you reduce obesity and maintain your best weight.

You may also want to avoid cholesterol in your blood, and then do not miss many vegetables and fruits in each meal you prepare.

  • Vegetables and fruits are a good source of fiber to your diet. Vegetables such as pumpkin, apples, raspberries, and apples are a high source of fiber. The fiber keeps the gut healthy.

Why You Can Rely On Us For Your Fruits and Vegetables

Our customers have relied on us for the past 60 years because of what we offer to them.

We pride ourselves in 4 main things that have kept our customers coming back for more. These include;

  • Customized Orders

Whereas you may have already placed an order, but you realize you need to add more items or fruits to your basket. Just add whatever you are craving into your basket and deliver it to you.

But we have a set time frame that you should keep in mind. We have a 12 min cut off time that you need to beat.

  • Convenience in Delivery

Keeping your family healthy requires the convenient delivery of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. We also work hard to ensure you get what you want in the shortest time possible.

You order today, and we deliver tomorrow, depending on the slots available for delivery.

  • Customized Fruits and Vegetable Bundles

We have bundles already selected by our hard-working team. It is a team that understands its customers’ needs and the worth of saving time spent by customers while shopping. You only pick your favorite.

  • Variety of Fruits and Vegetables

We pride ourselves by providing a wide range of fruit and vegetable varieties. We do this by always staying in touch with all seasons to ensure we never fall short of fruits. In the same way, our customers end up sampling fruits throughout the year.

Take for example the following seasons;

1. During winter, you get to sample the following fruits.

  • Oranges
    • Lemons
    • Tangerines
    • Grapes
  •  During spring, the following fruits are available.
  • Pineapples
  • Mango
  • Apricot
  • Avocado

2. During the summer, we have the following.

  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Peaches
  • Plums
  • Blueberries

3. During the fall season you sample the following;

  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Pears
  • Pomegranate
  • Cranberries

All the above fruits are available when you visit us.

Storage and Transportation of Fruits and Vegetables

You only gain the above benefits if you handle your produce well. We have a trained team that ensures you get fruits and vegetables that are in perfect form.

We know that delivering products that have lost texture, taste, and appearance does not only hurt us. But, it is also a danger to your health.

If these groceries are not well cleaned, stored, and transported, they become a hub and a source of dangerous foodborne pathogens and bacteria.

For us to ensure you get the best, we carry out the following;

1. Cleaning

Most agricultural practices involve the use of pesticides. The pesticides and other forms of drugs used expose fruits and vegetables to contamination. So, our team ensures that they clean well the produce from the farms. They do that for you to get products that are free from any contamination.

2. Refrigeration

You may place an order that will travel a long distance before it gets to you. So, in such incidents’, we put consideration fruits and vegetables that need refrigeration.

Fruits and vegetables that require refrigeration include;

  • Broccoli
  • Lettuce
  • Eggplant
  • Carrots
  • Apples
3. Freezing

Some fruits and vegetables need freezing before reaching the customers. However, freezing does affect the texture of many fruits and vegetables. But, their taste and nutrients remain unaffected.

Freezing of our fruits and vegetables is in airtight containers.

4. Cool and Dry storage

You will realize that freezing and refrigeration does not apply to all the produce from the farms.

Examples of such include;

  • Bananas,
  • Potatoes,
  • Lemons,
  • Limes and
  • Tomatoes

But, to reach our clients while they are fresh, in good form and shape, we store them in cool, dry containers.


It helps to keep track of your fruit and vegetable consumption by your family. It goes a long way in saving you the money you would have spent on different health conditions.

You only do that by having a reliable partner. A partner that ensures you get the best, fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.

To know more about us, you can visit us and sample the different varieties that we offer our customers.

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