Fresh Produce Delivery In The Philippines

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Fresh Produce Delivery In The Philippines

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Shopping for fresh farm produce for your family is one of the most fulfilling and overwhelming experiences that you can ever have.

But, do you know that shopping experience comes with its challenges than you can ever imagine? It even gets more painful when you have a busy schedule that always keeps you at your toes.

Well, this is where we come in.

You can always save yourself from all this hustle when you visit our online store. Our main goal is to deliver the freshest and tasty farm products you have always wished to have at your home’s comfort.

We always work to save your time to concentrate on other important issues ahead of you.

Why Choose us?

More often, you end up placing orders through online platforms, or even grocery store websites.

But have you asked yourself if you always get what you ordered? Do you get quality for your money?

Our delivery services have always spoken on our behalf. We pride ourselves in fresh produce deliveries because of what we always have believed in. We ensure that the grocery store moves closer to your doorstep.

We offer to you the reason that sets us apart from the rest and puts us at the top.

  • We believe in quality and safe farm products for our client’s home. We team up with farmers that produce quality produce direct from their farms. Farmers that practice safe and sustainable farming that puts quality and safety ahead of everything.
  • Convenience is and has always been our second name. You can rely on our delivery services to meet your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule that fits you.
  • We allow our customers to customize their orders. Depending on what they wish to have, and at any given time, they wish their orders delivered. We only allow it to happen before we deliver fresh produce to the client’s home. Once we deliver, we allow the customer to check the delivery boxes and confirm the order.
  • We offer variety to our customers. Our store has almost all the varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits that you can choose. We never lose track of seasons. Staying in touch with seasons helps us have the best and good variety of groceries for our customers. For this reason, you get to sample different groceries that are healthy throughout the year. You will always keep coming back to us for more.

The above and many more reasons say why we are the best for fresh produce deliveries to your home.

Why Do We Deliver Fresh Produce at Your Door Step?

Fresh farm produce has immense benefits. A healthy family always eats healthy, fresh, and quality groceries.

These benefits include;

  • You get more nutrition for your family. Whether you love them raw or cooked, Fresh produce contains undamaged vitamins direct from the farms. Unlike groceries that have taken longer on the shelves, you only get to reap these vitamins fresh from the farm and delivered by us.
  • Fresh produce has improved flavor. Have you ever tasted fresh vegetables direct from the farm? Its flavor is far enriching than those picked from the grocery store shelves.
  • We also deliver fresh produce to ensure the quality of vegetables and fruits you eat is not compromised. It is obvious everybody wishes to put quality food on the table for their family. You only get that by acquiring fresh, quality fruits and vegetables.

Indeed our goal is to ensure you reap all these benefits by providing you with all the best and fresh groceries.

How Do We Ensure Our Fresh Produce Stays Safe and Natural During Deliveries?

We have always worked hard to ensure you have the best while placing your order. In the same way, the whole process of picking the vegetables from the farm up to your door is carefully carried out by our team.

To understand what it takes, Let me show you what we do to ensure you have the tastiest and fresh vegetables at your door.

1. During transport, we always ensure that our groceries are well shaded. Sunlight has never been friendly to freshly harvested vegetables. So, we must shield them from the scorching sun.

2. Packaging. Our groceries are always packed in breathable, sturdy, and opaque containers during transportation.

Breathable containers ensure proper circulation of fresh air during transport. It helps keep the groceries fresh. The sturdy containers ensure the fruits and vegetables do not get damaged during transportation. The damage may occur as a result of boxes hitting against each other because of the bumpy roads.

3. Hydro-cooling of fruits and vegetables is important. After harvesting, we put the fresh groceries in basins or sinks filled with cold water. Either way, we also sprinkle the vegetables with cold running water. By doing that, we ensure that vegetables and fruits cool down and maintain their current status.

4. Vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, fancy, and squash are sensitive to heat. While on transit, we must put strict measures in place to deliver while in their natural state.

We are proud of this because we always cool our vegetables in special packs. Packs such as F pach containers keep these vegetables cool. However, other ways also help cool these vegetables. We also use coolers and insulated boxes that contain ice for these kinds of vegetables.

5. Upon reaching the destination, and if our customers agree, we always refresh our groceries by spraying them with cool running water. This process ensures the vegetables remain fresh by attaining their greatest temperatures.

Final Word

Do you get overwhelmed when it is time for you to stock your home with fresh, healthy, tasty, and quality groceries?

We are here at your service. You can have fresh produce delivered directly at your doorstep by us. So, you can visit our shop to choose fruits and vegetables of different varieties for you to know more.

Be assured; you will not miss the frequent delivery of our essential and daily serving of fresh groceries.

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